Rock Paper Scissors Journals

Re-Booked  |  Recycled  |    Re-Purposed

Beautiful discarded children's books repurposed & recycled for art, writing, journaling, and creative endeavors.
These unique little treasures come in multiple sizes and have darling features for the creative and playful spirit.
Made with 100% Quality 20 lb paper, and purposefully sprinkled with little treasures for hidden "keepers"

Journal Features

Awesome Features

Each journal comes with a unique array of rocks and charms to add a bit of fun and sparkle to each re-purposed book.

Recycled Paper

All journal pages are made of 100% recycled 20 lb paper, ensuring continued sustainability for this planet.

Hidden Treasures

Within each journal are carefully selected repurposed pages from the original book, as well as pockets and colorful envelopes, offering a fun way to save bits along the way. You may find a child's written name, or a library card pocket!

Planet Friendly

Care is taken to ensure each book is repurposed and recycled in sustainable ways. Remaining pages of old discarded books are reused for Evelyn's own art projects, workshops, and paintings.

Book Titles of All Nature

Classics, Favorites, Uniquely different, Playful... the titles may or may not be familiar, but they certainly make for an array of fun journals!

Binding That Allows for Creative Ease

All books are wirebound, offering the user ease in opening the book flat, regardless of its purpose, and allowing simple and quick navigation of pages.